Clutch Livia

Livia Clutch is a classic. The technique to weave is similar to the towel technique but much more precise with great designs. Women take a piece of fabric and draw the designs they want to do. Then, they take a needle with a colorful thread and punch the fabric until the surface is covered with color. And they start over with every zone and color.
A famous design is a colorful eye shape. It is a specialty of the Wayuu tribe but on the Venezuelan side. Wayuu women use a lot of colors to represent their state of mind. Usually, they are very happy and enthusiastic people.

Purse Luna

The Luna Purse is a classic of the Wayuu tribe. It is woven according to the mochila’s technique with crochet needles. It is a circular shape folded in two with a zip and a nice pompon. Every design has it’s own message in the Wayuu symbolic (care, freedom, peace, protection, luck, love, patience).
The Luna purse is very practical in a big bag because you see it immediately thanks to its flashy colors. Otherwise, you can also wear it as a clutch with a unicolor dress and nice sandals. Every purse is unique with different designs and handmade by women from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia.